Aloha Health Clinic
Alvita Soleil, O.M.D., L.Ac., NCCAOM
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
During your visit with us, your well-being is our sole focus. Our treatment courses are created with the intention to:

  • Offer you an individualized, integrated, and compassionate approach in your healing journey addressing every aspect of your physical, emotional and spiritual level

  • Inspire and empower you through teaching by giving you tools to bring more joy, fulfillment and inner peace in your life, regardless the circumstances and stress levels you may be experiencing presently.
Our Commitment

  • Coach you in actively reclaiming your right to be healthy, to dream, to live in balance, harmony and peace within yourself, all beings and nature. 

  • Simply nurture and support you in seeking inspiration, and relaxation.

  • Honor the sacred wisdom that dwells within you. As such we are committed to offering a safe, nurturing environment in which you are accepted, appreciated and valued for the unique person that you are.